Noticias Parroquiales

Confessions | Confesiones

We currently offer Confessions at the church on Saturday from 2:30 to 3:30pm and Wednesday from 5:45 to 6:15pm. If you are at high risk for infection or otherwise cannot come to Confession, you can al…


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Family Resources | Recursos Familiares

Just as the schools have given families resources to help keep up with learning, so we want to give your family resources that will help you grow in your faith during this difficult time. This page wi…


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Una lista de boletines.

Calendarios Parroquiales

Una lista de nuestros calendarios.

Horarios de Ministros

Una lista de los horarios de ministros.

Hacer y formar discípulos de Jesucristo a través de la oración y la adoración, la evangelización y la catequesis, y la acción apostólica.

Igesia Católica de la Ascensión
3680 Ramill Rd
Memphis TN 38128

(901) 372-1364

Horas de Oficina: Lunes a Viernes, 10am-3pm