Corona Virus (English)

Following the recommendations of public health officials, Bishop Talley has announced the closure of Diocesan Catholic Schools and all extracurricular activities. His announcement can be found on the Catholic Diocese of Memphis website here.

After discussion with other pastors and the staff of our own parish, I have decided that Ascension will follow his example. Even though we don’t have a school at Ascension, the same desire to protect public safety will apply to all activities at our parish.

Beginning at noon on Friday, March 13, all activities EXCEPT MASS are cancelled until the Bishop reopens the Diocesan Catholic Schools.

This includes:

  • Parish Religious Education classes
  • 24-hour Adoration in the Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel
  • Tuesday morning Communion Service and Bible Study
  • San Andres Meetings and Events
  • Knights of Columbus Meetings and Events
  • Conquistando Meetings and Events
  • Ascension Youth Ministry Meetings and Events
    (including the 2 day mini retreat that was scheduled for Thursday and Friday of next week)


If you are sick or have ANY symptoms of ANY illness, PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO COME TO MASS. This is not a “test of your faith” to see if you can come to Mass when you do not feel well. It is not a sin to stay home if you are sick or if you are caring for someone who is sick. And since COVID-19 (the novel corona virus) can have such serious consequences, it might actually be a sin to try to go to Mass where you might infect someone who will have difficulty recovering. Sometimes, to love your neighbor means to protect your neighbor from illness.

At this time, we have no plans to cancel any Mass. If that changes, we will let everyone know.

For now, let’s continue to trust in the love and mercy of God, and let’s double our prayers for our parish and our city.

With faith in Jesus,
Fr. Dennis Schenkel, Pastor